Can we do without people?

The answer to this question is definitely “no,” even for manufacturing companies, even those with a high level of technology and automation.

We cannot do without people in the factory, at least not with current technologies and systems. Although automation and robotics have revolutionized many manufacturing processes and helped reduce operator dependence in some stages of production, there are still many tasks that require human presence for various reasons.

1. Complexity of tasks, sensitivity and problem-solving skills.
2. Flexibility in performing some sensitive tasks.
3. Interpersonal work, requiring collaboration and cooperation among different figures.
4. Maintenance and supervision of equipment, with rapid interventions that cannot always be scheduled.
5. Creativity and innovation, where workers can help improve processes and find new ways to optimize production.

Therefore, while automation continues to grow and have a significant impact on factories and production, workers remain essential in many stages of the production process and in the overall management of departments.

Therefore, SinLog was designed with high attention to the aspects of interface, ease of use, and immediacy in the interface.

With the SinPad module, a clear web app that can be used from any device, the operator is able to do his or her job better. And it will be able to do so in a better and more efficient way.
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