Monitoring in industrial production: giving value to obsolete machinery

In the world of industry, technology is progressing at an ever-increasing speed. New machinery and advanced systems are rapidly becoming the core of manufacturing operations, promising efficiency and optimal yield. However, we cannot forget the importance of older machinery, which often covers an important share of production capacity in even the most advanced companies.
Therefore, monitoring of industrial production extended to older machinery is a basic necessity.

Why it is important to monitor even older machinery

Longevity of old machinery
Older machinery is still viable precisely because it is durable. Monitoring them allows you to maximize their longevity and avoid wasting valuable resources.

Performance optimization
Even older machines when monitored lead to improved performance, reducing downtime and the need for investment in new machines.

Cost Savings
Monitoring-based preventive maintenance reduces operating costs and costly breakdowns.

Environmental sustainability
By optimizing existing machinery, the need for new purchases is reduced, contributing to environmental sustainability.

Consistency in extended monitoring
Excluding old machines from a monitoring system means ignoring an often important part of the company’s production capacity. This is at the risk of misjudgment in terms of efficiency and productivity.

In a world increasingly focused on efficiency and sustainability, giving value to obsolete machinery is an important step for companies that wish to remain competitive and responsible.

SinLog allows monitoring of even older machinery that, through the SinBox Edge device, is interconnected to the system. This is why SinLog is the ideal system that combines new and old technologies, unifying them into a single extended platform to give value to obsolete machinery.


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