Unexpected efficiency: the secret behind 30%

In the age of industrial hyper-competitiveness, the effective monitoring of downtime in production chains is not just a maintenance issue, but a crucial strategic tool to highlight and reduce operational waste. 

This is why it is essential to have an effective, lean and comprehensive system. A system that, thanks to a sophisticated ability to detect and make accessible information that is traditionally lost in the maze of production processes, highlights critical points.

With an approach focused on precision data collection,
SinLog has enabled production managers to accurately identify and quantify diseconomies, paving the way for effective process optimisation.

The essence of SinLog: illuminating the dark corners of production

does not just track downtime data; rather, it acts as a spotlight that illuminates those often overlooked areas where waste and inefficiency lurk. SinLog’s data collection system is designed to capture every single moment of downtime and slowdown, providing a detailed picture of where and how production processes deviate from maximum efficiency.

A data warehouse dedicated to production efficiency

At the heart of SinLog is a robust and versatile data warehouse, capable of integrating heterogeneous data from machinery, operator input devices, ERP modules and dedicated sensors.

Its user-friendly interface enables real-time data visualisation and the generation of customised reports highlighting critical areas. With this transparency, managers can now accurately quantify the cost of each minute of downtime, turning data into powerful levers for strategic decisions.

Measurement and intervention: SinLog’s proactive strategy

The real power of SinLog manifests itself in its ability to measure losses and stimulate targeted interventions. Using a mix of data collected from machines and operators, SinLog provides a clear view of the hidden costs of any inefficiency. This level of detail makes it possible to move from reactive downtime management to proactive process optimisation.

Case Study: a concrete result

A company that manufactures articles for the automotive industry noticed a significant reduction in its downtimes after implementing SinLog. Analysing SinLog’s data, the managers discovered that a considerable part of the downtime was due to inadequate setup processes and downtime in the production department, particularly at specific times of the day. 

By adopting a continuous improvement programme based on the collected data, the company optimised its changeover processes, saving thousands of euros in potential losses.

Towards a future of lean production

SinLog is redefining the concept of monitoring in industrial production. It does not just avoid stoppages, but provides the information needed for a cause-effect analysis leading to targeted interventions and continuous improvement. Its impact goes beyond reducing downtime: it inspires a cultural change towards leaner and more informative production management.

In brief

The 30% reduction in downtime attributed to SinLog is only the tip of the iceberg. The efficiency generated by this tool stems from its ability to make visible and understandable information that often remains unexplored.
With SinLog, companies not only save time and resources but also enhance their ability to make decisions based on solid data, laying the foundation for continuous innovation and leadership in the global manufacturing landscape.


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