The burnout risk in blue-collar workers: the importance of safeguarding employees

A study from last September, conducted by Bva Doxa and promoted by Mindwork, shows that among blue-collar workers, laborers, there are more significant issues and signs of burnout than among executives.

This discomfort occurs both in terms of general psychological well-being and work-related well-being (the former has worsened compared to 2022). The study highlights how work overload impacts the psychological well-being of workers in 34% of cases, while a lack of a sense of community and disparities among individuals are among the causes of burnout in 36% of cases.

Burnout among workers manifests as physical and mental exhaustion, episodes of stress with feelings of demotivation. In these cases, the impact on company productivity can be significant.

Taking care of people’s well-being, making work more comfortable and rewarding, is also achieved by using more advanced and “smart” tools. Systems that simplify work life and at the same time support workers and managers in performing better work.

For this reason, SinLog, thanks to the SinPad module, offers a tool that helps to improve one’s work:
– it reminds you of the tasks to be done before starting a job
– it notifies when a task is completed
– it periodically reminds of the checks to be made to preserve quality
– it makes the sequence of tasks to be carried out clearer

Those who use SinPad today state that it is a tool truly capable of improving the quality of work.