Sintattica was born in 2012 from two software houses, Business Create and Archimedia, already working in close collaboration. From the merger a complete and complementary team was built, capable of developing projects with high levels of complexity for national and international clients. Thanks to its Agile footprint and to Remote Working, the work team operates partly remotely and partly on-site.

The growth path leads to launching projects in other startups as well. Among these, in 2013 was Thinglu, a company focused on developing one of the first IoT solutions for monitoring textile plants and waste compactors. The introduction of facilitation policies for the industrial sector (Industry 4.0) has pushed Sintattica even further towards the path of developing solutions dedicated to the industry.

Hence, in 2018, the launch of MaviX (Manager for Visual Inspection) dedicated to automatic sorting machines and, in 2020, of the SinLog platform (Sintattica Industrial Logic).

Since 2020
Associated with
Confindustria Brescia

Since 2020
Registered as
PMI Innovativa
(Innovative SME)

CEO on the list of
Innovation Manager
since 2019


Sintattica: 20 years in the IT world
SinLog: over 450 connected machines

Sintattica is a company specializing in digitalisation and software development for industries.
As an innovative SME (PMI Innovativa), its nature is to research and adopt the most advanced technologies in the software that it develops.

Sintattica has created and constantly improves its flagship product: SinLog – Sintattica Industrial Logicsoftware MES capable of connecting and monitoring machines and operators in different production areas.

Today SinLog is present in dozens of companies, with an installed base of over 450 interconnected machines.
In 2021 SinLog was certified as a Functional asset for the technological and digital transformation of businesses according to the Industry 4.0 model



Sintattica has been registered in the Italian Register of Innovative Startups and SMEs since July 2020

SinLog is a software certified as a “functional asset for the technological and digital transformation of businesses according to the Industry 4.0 model”

Registered among the Innovation Managers of the MiSE (Ministero delle Imprese e del Made in Italy) on behalf of the CEO Nicola Vezzoli

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