a complete, clear and versatile software/hardware system

SinLog Desktop is the core of the system. Installed on a local server, it allows all components to communicate, coordinating data and information from different sources: operators, machines, ERP.
The desktop program has connectors for exchanging data to and from any production management software. In the absence of an ERP software, SinLog works in stand alone mode with its own records.

SinLog can be accessed with a web browser from any device (PC, tablet, smartphone). No specific hardware is required.

SinLog is multi-user and multi-profile. Each user has their own credentials and is profiled to access data and functions dedicated to them. There is no limit on the number of users.


Constantly updated machine situation: machine status, work progress, estimate of completion for each machine.


Planning and scheduling of production batches, assigned to machines and represented sequentially on a timeline.


Production data collected by operators and machines are stored and always accessible. They can be sent to the ERP.


Real-time messaging system: messages written in SinLog desktop and viewable by operators, who in turn can reply directly from SinPad.


Custom representation of the plant and the physical location of the machines, each with a status indicator.
Each machine is constantly monitored, 24 hours a day.


Being web based, SinLog is the ideal tool to monitor production remotely, with a standard internet connection.


web app for managers and department operators

SinLog is supplied with the SinPad application, dedicated to department operators.
Through a simple and intuitive interface, SinPad allows operators to see the which batch should be produced, declare the start and end of the process, read messages and instructions to carry out their work in the best possible way.

SinPad can be used on any mobile device equipped with a browser, both tablets and smartphones.


Simple and immediate, it provides the operator in the department with the situation of all the machines he has to manage


From SinPad, the operator sees the list of batches to be processed and with a simple button they declare the start or end of the process


The production stops of connected machines are recorded and the operator can assign them causals to provide valuable and accurate data


SinPad shows the operator the list of activities to be carried out at the start of processing and also promptly warns them when they must carry out checks during production


SinPad allows the operator to request assistance directly to the manager, providing precise and clear indications for rapid and effective resolution


It allows real-time dialogue between managers and operators. Production chat, thanks to SinPad, becomes a valuable element for effective communication

SinBox Edge

the hardware device for collecting data from the machines

SinLog can connect directly to the PLC of each machine to be monitored or, for older machines, use the SinBox Edge hardware device. Collected data is sent in real time to the server which shows them on the monitor, updates the planner and evaluates the efficiency of the system.

SinBox Edge is easily installed. It picks up electrical signals and communicates via WiFi with SinLog server. It can be placed inside or outside of the machine, depending on availability.


SinBox Edge detects and transmits machining, stopped, alarm signals and more. It can also be connected to a counting pulse to measure the production rate


A machine stopped due to an anomaly is immediately detected and reported to SinLog. This allows for rapid intervention which could otherwise take place after hours of inactivity


The integrated counter allows constant measurement of both the number of pieces produced (or cycles performed) and the time elapsed, in order to always have a comparison between the real measured data and the theoretical data

Graphs and dashboards

SinLog can be integrated with Grafana, a platform for creating dashboards and graphs in real time or based on time series.
The real-time collected data periodically stored in the dedicated database which groups them in time series and presents them as specific graphs.
Represented information is useful for both production control and historical consultation of work phases or machine status


SinLog shows whether production times are in line with expectations.
Theoretical times come from the ERP while real production data come from connected machines


History of machine states collected by the system.
Each row is a machine whose color, green or red, represents the condition in which it operated. The graph can be viewed with a zoom level ranging from the last 4 days up to the past 15 minutes


Graphs can be built on request thanks to the data collected by SinLog. Our developers are available to evaluate specific needs


environmental sensor

EcoSense is an additional SinLog module for the collection of environmental data. It’s based on a dedicated multisensor, allowing constant monitoring of the environmental data detected by the hardware device to be located in the department.

The sensor is connected to SinLog server which, at configured time intervals, stores collected data so that it can be shown in the form of graphs.
Data can be consulted from a dedicated dashboard, and is stored in order to guarantee a 12-month history.

SinLog EcoSense offers a tool for constant monitoring of environmental conditions in production departments.

Thanks to the SinLog ecosystem, data can be correlated with production data recorded by machines and operators.
The integrated system thus allows constant control of the situation, checking production and performance trends.

SinLog EcoSense means greater company attention towards the customer. The company that uses EcoSense proves to be attentive to detail, at the forefront of process control and therefore capable of offering high quality standards.


The multisensor detects data relating to temperature, relative humidity, air quality (VOC), sound level (dBA), light intensity (lux)


It can be used in all internal environments of the plant. It allows constant monitoring of operating conditions


Stored data allow subsequent consultation to verify possible unexpected events that may have changed the production or storage conditions

SinLog EcoPlug Detect

Connect, monitor, save: the small analyser that fits on every machine to discover hidden waste.

EcoPlug Detect is the combination of a hardware energy-counting device integrated with information from the SinLog software.

Integrated into SinLog, it allows the energy consumption data collected to be associated with production batches and, consequently, with specific articles. This innovative point data collection system is capable of providing detailed and accurate information.

How it works

The device is installed on a DIN rail and connected to the machine phases.
It is then connected to the WiFi network so that data can be sent to the SinLog server.
Service by a maintenance technician takes only a few minutes, while configuration of the device is carried out by Sintattica technicians.

The device in the configuration phase is associated with the machine on which it is installed and is therefore able to combine consumption data with data recorded by the machine and/or operators to provide complete information.
The result is a representation of:
  • machine status
  • batch in process
  • punctual consumption for each moment
  • energy consumed for production or downtime
Below are some sample screenshots of the dashboard dedicated to consulting the collected data. 
By entering an average economic cost value expressed in €/kWh in SinLog, the data can also be calculated as an economic value.
The example below shows the performance of a machine for an entire week.
The first line shows the batch in the machine or, in red, the absence of batches allocated for that time period.
The line below shows the status of the machine over time: green machine running, red machine stopped.
The last graph below shows the power consumed over time.
The horizontal timeline thus allows an immediate comparison between consumption-machine-status-batch in machine

The project, born as SINLOG IEE and now named EcoPlug Detect, is an initiative funded by the Lombardy Region through the European Regional Development Fund to transform the energy sector through digital innovation in full adherence to the Transition 5.0 Plan