We cannot do without people in the factory, at least not with current technologies and systems. Although automation and robotics have revolutionized many manufacturing processes and helped reduce operator dependence in some stages of production, there are still many tasks that require human presence for various reasons.

In the world of industry, technology is progressing at an ever-increasing speed. New machinery and advanced systems are rapidly becoming the core of manufacturing operations, promising efficiency and optimal yield. However, we cannot forget the importance of older machinery, which often covers an important share of production capacity in even the most advanced companies.

The SinLog module dedicated to planning enables clear, simple, and dynamic work scheduling management. Each production line or machine has its own sequence of batches to process, thanks to the real-time connection with the machines, providing an accurate overview of durations and deadlines.

Monitoring machines and operators in the world of industrial production is a crucial element for improving the efficiency, safety, and competitiveness of companies. SinLog offers a comprehensive system where each individual machine is monitored and represented in its working conditions, always in real-time.