Sintattica with SinLog gets European funds for energy efficiency 5.0

As part of its commitment to a sustainable future, Sintattica launches the SINLOG IEE project, a pioneering initiative funded by the Regione Lombardia through the European Regional Development Fund to transform the energy sector through digital innovation in full adherence to the Transition 5.0 Plan.

The idea was born during 2022 in the midst of the energy crisis when two of the founders of Sintattica, a software house in the province of Brescia, found themselves having to devise a new tool to maximise the control of energy consumption in their client companies.

Particularly in manufacturing companies where the need to have a precise control of consumption and energy efficiency is fundamental to improve environmental impact and to be in line with the directives of the new Transition 5.0 Plan
From this idea came a new integrated technological solution capable of digitising energy consumption that, cross-referenced with production data, highlights energy waste in a timely and immediate manner.
This is achieved by exploiting information and electronic technologies to control industrial production processes, governing flows of information, materials and energy, in line with the directives of the new Italian Transition 5.0 Plan.

How it works

SinLog IEE takes a precise measurement of the energy consumption of each machine and device integrated in the network and associates it with what the machine is producing at that moment.

The SinLog software records production stops, times and quantities in real time, which, combined with the measurement of energy consumption, show where production is taking place profitably and where it is taking place at a loss.
The invented solution highlights critical points where there is waste and inefficiency for specific batches and items.

The Green Difference bases its existence on incremental digital innovation. Compared to traditional systems, it digitises and integrates hardware and software systems for data collection and analysis into a single platform, cross-referencing energy data with production data.

Cloud-based technology
makes it possible to share the data collected and, through Big Data analysis systems, can offer a new tool for consulting and interpreting the information, highlighting diseconomies and providing objective information on measures to optimise consumption, energy distribution and, in general, towards a gradual reduction in consumption, particularly of polluting production sources.

Thanks to European funds
, SMEs using the new system will have a tool in line with the Italian Transition 5.0 Plan, ideal for detecting and analysing waste. They will be able to better organise production by optimising work cycles and sequencing more critical items and batches to minimise costly and unnecessary downtime

Nicola Vezzoli Managing Director of Sintattica

With SinLog IEE we bring a new mix of technologies to reduce waste and costs.
This innovative project stems from the needs of the companies we work with every day. It is a real revolution towards the efficiency and savings required of us who make innovation our reason for working.
We are truly proud and grateful for this recognition by the Lombardy Region and the European Union, which allows us to offer a solution that adheres to the directives of the Transition 5.0 Plan. It is proof that even small realities can do great things for the world we live in.